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This facility is password protected and made available only in conjunction with your employer's Company Car Fleet Manager or equivalent.

Important information – Please read

This is not a publicly available website and is provided in conjunction with your employer’s company car policy and/or procedures, the latter taking precedence in the event of conflicting information.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and relevance of information contained within our on-line quotation facility, Marshall Leasing do not accept responsibility for errors and/or omissions no matter what the cause or source. Rental rates quoted are based upon prices and other costs known to us on the date of quotation and are subject to amendment in the event of changes to vehicle wholesale price, manufacturer support, short-term bonus, and any other costs not directly under the control of Marshall Leasing. Subject to any such amendment, quotes saved remain valid for 28 days and do not constitute an offer to enter into a legally binding agreement.

Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) tax information shown is provided for comparative purposes only and quoted as a monthly rather than annual amount. Marshall Leasing are not authorised to provide tax or other financial advice and it is recommended that you seek independent professional advice before making any final vehicle selection.

Use of this online facility is conditional upon your full understanding and acceptance of the above limitations, both of which will be deemed given when you log in.

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